TFG Fee Structure

We do not ever bill for phone consultations or any service that can be provided in a phone call as we believe that a well informed client is a better client. Besides, we enjoy talking to our clients.

Medicare and Medicaid Cost Reports

All cost reports prepared by TFG Consulting, LLC are prepared on an all inclusive fixed fee basis that covers everything from checklist preparation though report submission. The amount of our fee depends on the type of provider and challenges that we expect to encounter during the engagement.

Square Footage Study

Square footage studies are prepared for a $1,250 fixed fee and we agree to update the square footage study for four years with any changes without additional charge. While we recommend the preparation of a square footage study in order to support the statistic reported on worksheet B-1, we can rely on your internally prepared statistic. Hence the square footage study is an "optional" service available to TFG clients.

Hourly Engagements

The following services are provided an hourly basis with rates depending on the expertise of the advisor assigned to the engagement.

  • Audit Adjustment and Dispute Resolution
  • DSH Audit Survey
  • UCC Requests
  • Extended Repayment Plan Requests
  • Capital Re-Age Requests
  • Medicaid Enhanced Staffing Reports
  • Medicare Low Volume Payment Adjustment
  • Cost Report appeal and Reopening
  • Medicare Bad Debt Recoupment
  • Expert Witness Representation and Litigation Support
  • Preparation/Review of Chart of Accounts

Customary Hourly Rates

  • Partner - $ 250 per hour
  • Manager - $ 125 per hour
  • Staff - $ 75 per hour
  • Expert Witness Representation and Litigation Support $ 250 per hour

Contingency Fee

Some providers prefer a contingency fee engagement when seeking to recoup additional funds. We are willing to engage on a contingency fee basis for the following services:

  • Cost Report appeal and Reopening
  • Medicare Bad Debt Recoupment
  • Audit Adjustment and Dispute Resolution

Our fees for contingency fee engagement are typically fixed at 25% of the amount recouped and this fee structure allows the provider to pay only when and if they actually receive additional funds as a result of our efforts. This also minimizes exposure to the costs of potentially unsuccessful appeals, reopening and bad debt recoupment.

Monthly Engagements

Other providers prefer a monthly fixed fee all inclusive engagement that covers all reimbursement related services including cost report preparation and audit adjustment and dispute resolution, reopening and appeals. This fee works great for budgeting and cash flow planning and is based upon past audit history and the type of provider.

Comprehensive Billing Services

We provide comprehensive billing services based upon a fixed monthly fee that ranges from $3,080 per month to $6,500 depending upon expected patient volume and types of programs. Our fees include billing primary, secondary, and related collection efforts and follow up. They also include the preparation of billing logs and bad debt logs as well as specialized reports upon request.

TFG Travel Time Policy

We do not bill for any time associated with travel. However we do pass through the direct cost of travel related expenses if necessary (i.e. airfare and accommodations)